A stylish tenement house in the heart of Łódź

A stylish tenement house in the heart of Łódź


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the history of the tenement house. Some of the facts or circumstances described in the text were documented in the photos that we placed in the last gallery. We especially recommend taking a look at the numerous advertisements placed further down in the gallery, partly from the times when Łódź was still a multicultural city.
For lovers of the old days, the following story of the energy industry in Łódź and the biographies of a few people connected with the tenement house at Piotrkowska 37 may turn out to be extremely interesting.

Tenement house

The front tenement house is an impressive six-storey building with two small outbuildings. Thanks to the involvement of municipal funds, for a year now, the façade on the side of Piotrkowska Street can enjoy a new look for passersby. When looking at the effects of the conservators' work, it is worth paying attention to the impressive bay window connecting the three floors, which was supported over the ground floor with volute supports, ended with a balcony at the top. The top storey is topped with a slender dome with an original shape, covered with a cupola. The lintels of the facade are decorated with Art Nouveau ornaments (leaves, ribbons, lion heads and female masks). The decoration of the main gate, the stair railing, and the stucco work in the rooms and staircases have been preserved. From the inside, the property is additionally built-up with two larger outbuildings from the west (four and five-storey ones), placed at an angle to the front building, and one transverse (five-storey), closing the courtyard on the west side.


Piotrkowska 37 is a unique investment on the Łódź real estate market. It combines all the advantages that investors are looking for:

  • A wide selection of small apartments that can be a very good investment bringing a satisfactory and reliable income. Due to the small size of the apartments, the forecast profitability exceeds the standard rental profit;
  • Perfect location - at Piotrkowska Street, which is the salon and showcase of Łódź;
  • Simultaneous restoration of the entire complex of buildings in which there are currently no tenants;
  • A unique yard development project and an eye-catching, beautifully renovated front of the Art Nouveau building;
  • Purchase of an apartment with its own land and mortgage register and a share in the land;
  • Advantageous communication with every part of the city, incl. by being located right next to the planned cross-city railway station, at numerous public transport stops and several hundred meters from the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station.

Currently, we offer flats and commercial premises located in outbuildings of the property, divided into 5 staircases. In each staircase there are small apartments, most of them are studios ideal for short-term rental. We also offer two-room apartments. The flats are sold ready-to-finish.


Location is undoubtedly one of the most important features to consider when buying a property. While the decor or layout of the apartment can be freely changed (the only limitation is the budget and technical conditions), the location remains the same. Therefore, it is worth considering what infrastructure is in the immediate vicinity and what plans for a given housing estate or district have local authorities, especially in the context of public transport.


Łódź - like most large Polish cities - has problems with the increasingly congested center. At rush hour, driving a car through downtown is a frustrating experience that tests the endurance of even the most patient driver. The example of large European agglomerations such as London or Berlin shows that the solution is fast urban rail transport.


As in many Polish cities of a similar size, Łódź city transport consists mainly of buses and trams. However, already in 2022, the situation will change: thanks to the currently constructed cross-city tunnel, Łódź will gain a "small metro".

The cross-city tunnel will connect two long-distance stations: Łódź Fabryczna and Łódź Kaliska. In addition to 16 km of tracks located even 30 m underground, there will also be branches and two stops that will significantly improve public transport in Łódź: Manufaktura near the intersection of Ogrodowa and Karskiego and Centrum at the intersection of Zachodnia, Zielona and Kościuszki streets. The latter is located in the immediate vicinity of Dawid Szmulewicz's tenement house at Piotrkowska 37.


The proximity of the Centrum stop on the route of the cross-city tunnel is a great advantage of the investment at Piotrkowska 37. Future residents will be able to quickly and conveniently move from the very center of the city to other parts of it. According to the announcements of the Łódź authorities, the stop will be located on Zielona Street, and therefore only a few minutes' walk from Dawid Szmulewicz's tenement house. Shuttle trains W1 and W2 are to run frequently, even every 8 minutes. The first trains will go through the tunnel in 2022.


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