A yard like a fairy tale

The tenement house at 37 Piotrkowska Street, after the spectacular revitalization was completed, has become one of the symbols of positive changes taking place in Łódź. The distinctive landscaping of the yard attracts crowds of residents and tourists, and photos of illuminated pools filled with water with living plants floating on it and a sculpture made of old iron gears very often appear on online forums related to Łódź, receiving a lot of positive reactions. It is worth emphasizing that both the appearance of the pools and the installation are original ideas of our company - the sculpture was made by the partners themselves.

We are glad that we managed to create a place that has become one of the city's attractions and is frequently visited by residents and tourists, and even by couples who perform their wedding sessions in the backyard. The backyard itself, however, is just the icing on the cake of the comprehensive renovation that we carried out throughout the property. Currently, it is one of the most beautiful tenement houses in Łódź, and for the renovation of the front elevation, we were awarded the Pearl of Łódź 2017 in the Private Pearl category.


We are restoring the splendor of Lodz secession

The visitors' attention is first of all attracted by the beautiful front elevation with numerous Art Nouveau motifs, which we have described in detail in the "Tenement house" tab.

The facades inside the yard have also been renovated. At the same time, they gained a new look thanks to the addition of decorative bands and crowns around the windows and doors of staircases. Thanks to the careful finishing and the addition of details around the doors and windows of staircases, all facades now look better than ever before. The walls were painted the same color as the front building, which allowed for a coherent appearance of the entire complex. Thanks to the illumination of the facade, as well as the pools with water, the backyard gains an elegant and large-city atmosphere after dark.

We also devoted much attention to recreating the balustrades of balconies inside the yard. In imitation of the preserved original ones, new ones were added, which perfectly correspond to the Art Nouveau character of the front building. Balconies overlooking the yard are nicely arranged, which means that the residents can afford to relax in their free time without leaving the building.



Another interesting element that was recreated during the revitalization are staircases. Their appearance varies depending on the location. In the front building, a delightful Art Nouveau staircase, large windows and exquisitely decorated balustrades have been preserved. The carefully selected by us floor tiles in the corridors perfectly match the decor, many people believe that these are originally preserved details. In outbuildings that served as tenement houses and even factories, we decided to emphasize the industrial character of the city. We discovered original bricks in many places, which our customers liked very much. In the building closing the yard, it was possible to install a modern elevator, which significantly increased the comfort of the residents of this cage.


Other works

In addition to the previously mentioned works, we have additionally carried out many other activities throughout the property: we replaced all the doors and windows, we distributed new installations (plumbing, electricity, ventilation, heating), we put a new roof covering with new thermal insulation, we connected the building to the municipal central heating networks. It took us over 3 years to complete so many works, but the effects are spectacular and the building has become a showcase of our company.



Currently, all flats have already been sold, most of them are rented under long and short-term lease. Thanks to the entrepreneurship of the new owners, both in the front building and in the yard, there are restaurants and bars that quickly gained considerable popularity. Ultimately, it was possible to restore life in a deserted building, which not so long ago was close to falling into total ruin.



Piotrkowska 37 is a unique investment on the Łódź real estate market. It combines all the advantages that investors are looking for:

  • A wide selection of small apartments that can be a very good investment bringing a satisfactory and reliable income. Due to the small size of the apartments, the forecast profitability exceeds the standard rental profit;
  • Perfect location - at Piotrkowska Street, which is the salon and showcase of Łódź;
  • Simultaneous restoration of the entire complex of buildings in which there are currently no tenants;
  • A unique yard development project and an eye-catching, beautifully renovated front of the Art Nouveau building;
  • Purchase of an apartment with its own land and mortgage register and a share in the land;
  • Advantageous communication with every part of the city, incl. by being located right next to the planned cross-city railway station, at numerous public transport stops and several hundred meters from the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station.

Currently, we offer flats and commercial premises located in outbuildings of the property, divided into 5 staircases. In each staircase there are small apartments, most of them are studios ideal for short-term rental. We also offer two-room apartments. The flats are sold ready-to-finish.


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