Piotrkowska 37 is a unique investment on the Łódź real estate market. It combines all the advantages that investors are looking for:

  • A wide selection of small apartments that can be a very good investment bringing a satisfactory and reliable income. Due to the small size of the apartments, the forecast profitability exceeds the standard rental profit;
  • Perfect location - at Piotrkowska Street, which is the salon and showcase of Łódź;
  • Simultaneous restoration of the entire complex of buildings in which there are currently no tenants;
  • A unique yard development project and an eye-catching, beautifully renovated front of the Art Nouveau building;
  • Purchase of an apartment with its own land and mortgage register and a share in the land;
  • Advantageous communication with every part of the city, incl. by being located right next to the planned cross-city railway station, at numerous public transport stops and several hundred meters from the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station.

Currently, we offer flats and commercial premises located in outbuildings of the property, divided into 5 staircases. In each staircase there are small apartments, most of them are studios ideal for short-term rental. We also offer two-room apartments. The flats are sold ready-to-finish.


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