Tenement house

The front tenement house is an impressive six-storey building with two small outbuildings. Thanks to the involvement of municipal funds, for a year now, the façade on the side of Piotrkowska Street can enjoy a new look for passersby. When looking at the effects of the conservators' work, it is worth paying attention to the impressive bay window connecting the three floors, which was supported over the ground floor with volute supports, ended with a balcony at the top. The top storey is topped with a slender dome with an original shape, covered with a cupola. The lintels of the facade are decorated with Art Nouveau ornaments (leaves, ribbons, lion heads and female masks). The decoration of the main gate, the stair railing, and the stucco work in the rooms and staircases have been preserved. From the inside, the property is additionally built-up with two larger outbuildings from the west (four and five-storey ones), placed at an angle to the front building, and one transverse (five-storey), closing the courtyard on the west side.


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