Tenement house

The Dawid Szmulewicz tenement house at 37 Piotrkowska Street in Łódź.


The property at 37 Piotrkowska Street belonged in 1887 to Icek Lejb Kon. At that time, there was a one-story front building with an adjoining one-story outbuilding, and from the southern border there was a three-story outbuilding.

In 1894, Dawid Szmulewicz became the owner of the plot. At his request, in 1903, the architect from Łódź, Gustaw Landau-Gutenteger, developed a design for a new tenement house, with a facade in the then fashionable Art Nouveau style and with outbuildings. The project was implemented as early as 1904.

The first one, on the street itself, was an impressive six-storey front tenement house, erected on a rectangular plan. Its ground floor was always of a commercial character, while the upper floors were intended for apartments. After the front building was built, the property was additionally developed from the inside, with two large outbuildings (four and five storeys), positioned obliquely to the main building, and one transverse (five-storey), closing the yard from the west.

The front elevation is very rich and it deserves special attention. There is a three-storey high bay, which is the central axis of the building, supported on volute supports above the ground floor. It is closed by a balcony covered with a canopy topped with a slender dome covered with a cupola. The lintels of the façade windows are decorated with Art Nouveau ornaments: leaves, ribbons, lion heads and female masks (mascarons). The windows on the second and third floors are rectangular, and on the first and fourth floors and in the upper part, the bay windows are closed with an arch. The architect also designed the door and window joinery, the gate with bars with a delicate pattern characteristic of Art Nouveau. The decoration of the entrance gate, the stair balustrade, as well as the stucco decor of the rooms and staircases have been preserved. The interior is dominated by geometric motifs, emphasizing both the vertical and horizontal division of the façade.


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